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The Effect of Crude Jellyfish Cryoprotectant on The Quality and Storage Stability of Frozen Tortilla Bread Made from Local Corn of Madura
Khariratun Horisah, Umi Purwandari, Burhan Burhan

Last modified: 2021-08-04



To support food security, a frozen tortilla bread was prepared from local Madura corn with crude jellyfish gelatin as cryoprotectant. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of jellyfish gelatin concentration on the quality of Madura corn frozen tortilla bread during storage at low temperature. This research was conducted using a completely randomized factorial design with two factors, namely jellyfish gelatin concentration (0, 5 and 10%) and storage time (0, 7, 14 and 21 days). The research parameters analyzed were color, hardness, elongation, tensile strength, staling rate, water content, water activity and hedonic sensory characteristics. Results showed that gelatin concentration increased hardness; preference toward taste and mouthfeel, and overall preference; reduced L value, elongation, tensile strength, water activity, and preference toward color. Meanwhile, storage time increased the L and a values, hardness, tensile strength, water content, water activity, and preference for taste; and decreased the value of b, elongation, preference toward color, texture and overall preference. These two factors did not affect staling rate and preference toward aroma. The interaction between the two factors showed a significant effect on hardness, elongation, and tensile strength. In conclusion, crude jellyfish gelatin can be used to maintain the physical, chemical, and sensory qualities of frozen tortilla bread made from local Madura corn during low temperature storage.

Keywords: Cryoprotectant, frozen, gelatin, jellyfish, Madura corn, tortilla


food technology