Conferences Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University, International Food Conference 2021

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Lindayani - Lindayani, Felix Yuwono Wiredjo, Laksmie Hartajanie

Last modified: 2021-09-11


Wine is a drink that generally paired with western food. It's known that main ingredients of western food are red and white meat. Indonesian food that goes international is Spicy coconut beef while Betutu chicken is a popular food originating from the island of Bali. The two Indonesian dishes (Spicy coconut beef and Betutu chicken) are the topic of a review to be paired with red wine and white wine. The aim of wine pairing with Indonesian food is to determine the suitability of wine and the sensory attributes of Indonesian food with wine components. The review method is carried out based on the collection and screening of literature, analysis and tabulation of data. Based on the results of the review, it can be seen that red meat is appropriate to be paired with red wine, because meat has a protein that can be bound by tannin compounds from wine. The sensory attribute produced between red wine and red meat is to balance the sour taste of the wine and the stronger flavor. Meanwhile, white meat and spicy foods are appropriate to be paired with white wine. The sensory attributes produced between white wine and white meat are increasing the sweetness of the wine, the acidity of the wine gives a refreshing sensation in the mouth and the spice flavor increases. The conclusion from the review is that the wine pairing of Spicy coconut beef is appropriate for red wine, while Betutu chicken is appropriate for white wine.