Conferences Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University, International Food Conference 2021

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Effect of Xanthan Gum Addition on the Physical Stability and Sensory Acceptability of Tea and Cocoa Concentrate
Dea Cecilia, Dwiyantari Widyaningrum, Fathyah Hanum Pamungkaningtyas

Last modified: 2021-08-30


Xanthan gum is a hydrocolloid that is commonly used as a suspension stabilizer in beverage products. This study aims to determine the effect of the addition of hydrocolloid on the physical stability and sensory acceptability of tea and cocoa concentrate. The physical stability was determined by sedimentation index, viscosity, total dissolved solids, and re-dispersibility. Hedonic tests were conducted to determine the level of acceptance of the product after the addition of hydrocolloids. The data obtained were statistically analyzed in IBM SPSS Statistics 25. The addition of 0,05% (w/v) xanthan gum to the concentrates improves the stability of concentrate suspension with a sedimentation index of 0.00±0.00 after 24 and 48 hours of storage at 8°C. The addition of a higher concentration of xanthan gum increases the total dissolved solids and viscosity. Besides, the addition of 0,05% (w/v) xanthan gum showed a notable redispersion of concentrate in milk compared to control. The addition of xanthan gum significantly improves sensory in the flavor, texture, and aftertaste aspects of concentrates. Based on the results obtained, the addition of xanthan gum with a concentration of 0.05% (w/v) in tea and cocoa concentrate improves physical stability and sensory acceptability.


hydrocolloid; xanthan gum; physical stability; tea; cocoa