Focus and Scope


Focus and Scope

The topic of the International Food Conference 2021 is "Innovation of Food in the New Normal Era". The conference focused on the recent trends and current innovation of foods with a special emphasis on human adaptation to living in the new normal era. Food and food products are playing an important role in combating COVID 19 by providing sufficient essential nutrients needed to boost the immune system of the body. During COVID 19 pandemic, access to high-quality food has been limited due to the restriction on transportation as well as the concern of the outbreak of the virus. Nevertheless, agriculture and their products are proven to be one of the sectors which can manage to deal with the progression of COVID 19.

To be prepared for the uncertain fight with this malicious virus, cooperation between the agricultural sector, food industries, and academia needs to be strengthened. Foods as the main contributors of human health condition should become one of the main focuses on adapting to the new normal era. Innovations are extremely needed to ensure that people have the access to high-quality and nutritious foods.

This conference allows academia, food industries, government, Non-Governmental Organizations, and other various related sectors to gather and disseminate their current topics and findings to contribute to humanity and the fight against COVID 19. Under the broad topics of innovation of foods, more specific aspect included in the scope of this conference, such as:

  • Food Availability
  • Food Process and Product Development
  • Fermented foods
  • Functional foods and gut health
  • Other foods-related topics



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